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Author: morninglory17
Title: Pretender
Pairing: Changmin/ofc
Length: 266 words
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Who knows him best?

“what would changmin be like as a lover?” they were asked. rather a personal question for an interview, but they were obliging.

the other guys pressed their lips together in deep thought. changmin smirked as he waited.

-he pushed her onto the bed and crawled stealthily, with the agility and grace of a cat but the power of a tiger-

“he would always be considerate and ask her opinion,” yunho said. “she would probably always get her way.”

-he pulls his shirt off and straddles her hips. she’s not going anywhere, and her eyes betray the fact that she doesn’t want to, for all her protests-

“he’s a gentlemen who will always pay for her and give her what she asks for,” junsu states.

-he rolls them over so she’s on top, which is the last thing she wants. how can she pretend he’s taking advantage of her when she’s not beneath him?-

“he thinks that appearance is very important. he will choose a woman who dresses nicely.” jaejoong’s opinion is given.

-her dress is on the floor, and he thinks she’s never looked better. she’s pink-cheeked and embarrassed, her cool exterior long gone-

yoochun turns to look at changmin, narrowing his eyes suspiciously. he speaks slowly and deliberately.

“i think changmin’s lover will know him better than any of us ever have.”

changmin’s eyes crinkle in a smile.

-they lie together, her arms cradling him close. “you’re a pretender just like me, changmin,” she whispers. “underneath all that mystery i know you’re just a nice guy.” he actually blushes, and she adds, “a perfect guy.”
Tags: :shim changmin, drabbles, one-shots
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