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A Different Path

Author: morninglory17
Title: A Different Path
Pairing: Jaejoong/ofc
Rating: PG
Length: 316 words
Genre: AU
Summary: It could have been so much different.
A/N: Nothing turns out the way I want it to anymore. This was originally supposed to be funny, like Jae's last line would just be amusing. But it got a little wanky. Anyway, I'm trying to finish up lots of little pieces like this and in the next few weeks, several big one-shots as well. I have lots of one-shots -_- So, just a heads-up. Sorry if all the stuff I'm going to post sucks--my words are twisting themselves.

“What if I were famous?” the man beside me asks.

I turn and look at my husband. We’re sitting in bed, reading, and he’s suddenly decided to ask this random question.

“What do you mean ‘what if I were famous’?”

“I don’t know,” he says with a grin. He takes off his reading glasses and looks at me in all seriousness, but I’m giggling. The man is in his mid-twenties and has never asked something so crazy before.

“You could barely dress yourself properly when I met you Jae-jae. Just what exactly do you want to be famous at?”

He looks away.

“I always wanted to sing.”

His melancholy tone causes me to put my book down. I roll closer to him and wrap an arm across his chest. I feel like I should treasure this moment, because it’s rare for Jaejoong to even show this side of him. He’s always strong and confident.

He’s been a fighter all his life; a strange family life led him to living on the streets at a tender age and he’s a little rough around the edges. He’s just spiky enough to keep me hooked, smooth enough to let me know he cares. He leads the way and I follow, and even though I tease him mercilessly about anything and everything, nothing about him is worth ridiculing, and I couldn’t live without him.

“You’re great at singing,” I say.

“You think I could do it?” he questions. The sound of his beautiful voice rolls through my head as I lay against his chest, and I imagine him singing for people on a stage somewhere.

“Yeah…yeah, I guess so. Is that what you want to do?”

He thinks about it.

“No. I don’t think fame would suit me.”

I hide my smile.

I won’t tell him so, but I think that he could do absolutely anything he wanted to.

Tags: :kim jaejoong, drabbles, genre: au, het!
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