morninglory17 (morninglory17) wrote in hanmichigo,

Art and Dance

Author: morninglory17
Title: Art and Dance
Pairing: Junsu/ofc
Length: 322 words
Genre: drama
A/N: BLAH. This piece doesn't even make sense! ;_;

Real life sequences in slow motion are like art, and love between a man and a woman is like a dance.

He pulls up to her house in his car as she arrives on foot- she’s been somewhere else this evening, not with him, and he wants to know where, and why.

Her eyes darken in recognition as he walks towards her, his expression revealing jealousy, disappointment.

They share carefully chosen words because he’s trying to keep his cool and she’s trying not to break his heart.

They fall into silence. He lowers his head in defeat and he’s prepared to turn away (to never come back) but her heart twinges and she says his name.

He turns back in resignation but she’s uncertain, not sure this is the way she wants this to end.

He takes steps towards her, and suddenly his urgency has her backing away.

His hands reach her first, one going to her waist and the other to her jaw, but it’s their hips which meet and push her into the wall, and then his lips are on hers. Their bodies collide as if they’re already lying on the sheets.

She doesn’t know what she wants, she doesn’t know, and it shows in her hesitant actions, her fingers beginning to entangle in his hair and falling to his elbows instead.

He finally pulls away and lets his forehead rest against hers. If she doesn’t want him, he’ll leave. He’s not going to make this hard on her.

She’s just breathing and thinking, trying to decide what to do when suddenly his warm presence is gone and she opens her eyes to watch his back as he departs.

She thinks its tears stinging in her eyes but she has to let him go for now. If they’re meant to be than slowly, surely, fate will bring them back together again, in an art and a dance like this one.
Tags: :kim junsu, drabbles, genre: drama, het!
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