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This occurred sometime after Chansook moved into Jaejoong's apartment.

Chansook was well aware that Jangmi would do anything to see inside Kim Jaejoong’s apartment, so she figured she would get it out of the way as harmlessly as possible. She had to grab something from her room for work and since she and Jangmi were going to dinner, she brought her along. They went up the elevator and her friend was babbling about something, something about celebrities.


“What?!” her friend asked.

“Take a breath will you?” She laughed.

Jangmi giggled as she followed Chansook into the apartment. The late afternoon sun shone through the living room and kitchen.

“Ohh…” Jangmi said, impressed. “It’s really nice. Maybe not as nice as yours though.”

“Yeah, that’s what I said.” Jangmi admired the view and the general splendor.

Chansook walked towards her bedroom with Jangmi following behind and the door to the bathroom suddenly opened across the hall. Jaejoong emerged wearing a towel around his waist. Water dripped down his bare chest. He froze in the doorway when he realized two women were standing 5 feet away.

Chansook snorted, unladylike.

“Why can’t you tell me when someone is coming over?” he said irritably, and went to his room.

Chansook turned to look at Jangmi, whose mouth was still wide open.

“That’s a nice look,” Chansook informed her. Jangmi snapped her mouth shut.

“That was…that..akgjhkoewigoew... He’s hot,” she said.

Chansook muttered something. She went into her room to grab some papers for Jangmi. “Let’s get out of here.”

“But…maybe he wants us to stay and chat--.”

“No.” Chansook dragged her out the door.

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