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Author: morninglory17
Title: Hitch
Pairing: Junsu/ofc
Rating: PG-13
Length: 244 words
Genre: romance, ....angst?
Summary: another one of those things laying around. another one of those things i'm not sure is a drabble or a one-shot. hmm.

The only sound is that of breathing. Hitching breaths. Unsteady air drawn in through constricted lungs that lie next to beating hearts.

The effect he’s having on her is intoxicating, but she’s still embarrassed when they meet eyes. She won’t look him in the eye and her cheeks are pink, but she won’t remember for long. His hands make sure of that.

He understands now how a man feels about a woman he truly loves; he loves the way he makes her heart beat fast and the way she clutches at his arms, unable to speak intelligible words. He wants to be the only man for her starting now.

She doesn’t want him to hear her breaths-they’re sharp intakes at odd intervals but she can’t help it, not with what he’s doing to her.

She meets his eyes and is about to shift her gaze away again but he lifts his fingers to her jaw and calms her.

“Don’t be embarrassed that I took your breath away.”

She laughs at his ridiculous joke until she realizes he isn’t laughing. His eyes look at her with a strange sort of possessiveness, both cocky and adoring.

“No I’m serious,” he says. “I took your breath away, I took your heart and your sensibilities, I’m your first and your last, and I want you to be the same for me.”

She smiles.

“You didn’t take my soul.”

“That’s fine.” He kisses her neck. “You’ll need that.”
Tags: :kim junsu, drabbles, genre: romance, het!
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