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Warm Days

Author: morninglory17
Length: 780 words
Genre: general, au
Rating: G
A/N: Hey ladies, I've been going through my 'incomplete and abandoned' fic folder. There's so much stuff there, haha. So I hope you enjoy yourself and if not...sorry. :D Oh, the whole reason I thought of this particular story is because my university is kind of popular with Korean exchange students and I foolishly hope that one day Changmin will want a life change and run to the middle of the US to go to school. XD

Warm Days

It was one of those rare weeks in late fall when the weather was miraculously warm and you could just wear a T-shirt and jeans. The weather was so crazy around here that I had just learned to appreciate the nice weather when it came, and invite it to come again soon.

                It was nearing the mid-term cut-off, and everyone was studying for exams, but the sidewalks were still full of people walking back and forth from classes, to their dorms, or to the library. I myself was on my way to the library.

                As I clicked down the sidewalk, I noticed that the sky was decidedly darker than it was earlier; thunderclouds were moving in. I frowned. I was dressed kind of nice today because I had an interview later tonight. I had on heels and a multicolored summer dress with a jacket. I held my big bag closer and picked up the pace. I didn’t even try to outrun the weather when I felt the first raindrops fall.

                I made it across the big intersection and under the cover of the gazebo before it really started to rain. I was less than 300 feet from the library, but I wasn’t in a hurry, and I definitely didn’t want to get soaked.

                As I got under the shelter and shook myself off, I noticed another person taking cover; a tall young guy with an over-the-shoulder bag. When he raised his head to glance at me, I automatically smiled and looked away.


                I did a double take, but he had turned away to text on his phone. For a second I’d thought he was…. I gave an inner laugh at myself for letting my imagination run wild.

                The rain continued to fall for the next ten minutes, and both of us took a seat in the gazebo, safe from the blowing rain. I made use of the time by pulling out a book from my purse, to go over some things I needed to know for the interview. My phone rang.

                “Yeah? Oh---hi. Yeah sorry, I got caught up by the rain. I’ll be there as soon as I can. Where are you sitting? …Ok. Mm.”

                I slipped the phone back into my purse and swept my bangs out of my eyes, realizing too late that the guy across the shelter was watching me curiously. That was when I realized that I’d had my phone conversation in Korean. A lightbulb went on in my head.

                “Excuse me,” I said politely. He looked up again, and I finally got a good look at his short hair and handsome face. My heart stopped. I almost gasped when I realized who he was---but I decided against giving that knowledge away. “Are you Korean?” I said, continuing to play ignorant.

                “Yes,” he said in English. “How do you know Korean?”

                “My studies,” I told him. “I don’t speak it well, I’m afraid.”

                He laughed, leaning slightly forward to lean his elbows on his knees.

                “Don’t worry about that. My English is horrible.”

                I smiled.

                “We’re in the same boat.”

                His smile fell a little, and he glanced at the rain.


                “Oh…sorry!” I laughed and tried to explain the expression in Korean. He nodded in understanding.

                “Have you been to Korea?” he asked.

                “I went last summer,” I said.

                He asked me where I’d gone and what I studied and we conversed politely for several minutes before I ventured asking what he was studying in America. A wry smile formed on his face.

                “I haven’t decided yet. I just wanted to go overseas.”

                I smiled at him, happy to leave it at that. He gave a little smile back. We both glanced out at the rain after that; it had calmed in the past few minutes.

                “Do you want to make a run for it?” he asked. I nodded, and we both stood. He removed his jacket and we darted out into the drizzle under it, side by side.

                When we made it up the steps to the library and through the doors, we both straightened our hair and clothes, and I cleared my throat.

                “Well…” I began.

                “It was…” he said.

                We laughed.

                “It was nice to meet you,” I finished for him. He nodded.

                “Make sure you bring an umbrella next time,” he said. I wanted to glow under the reprimanding oppa-scold. Of course, that was as much as I would get from him. I murmured a goodbye in Korean and gave a shallow bow before turning away.

                “OH,” I heard. I glanced over my shoulder and stopped when I saw him looking at me.

                “My name is Changmin.”

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