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Dance with Me

Author: morninglory17
Title: Dance with Me
Pairing: Yunho/Hyoyeon
Rating: PG-13/R
Genre: comedy, romance
Length: 4,031
A/N: LJ is pissing me off--had to cut this in half. Anyway, I don't write enough Yunho and I think he and Hyo gel because they're both "the dancers." I guess I’m drawn to Hyoyeon because no, I really don’t think she’s gorgeous, and I wonder how she gets along with the other girls, wonder if she gets lost in the fake charm and gossip and giggles. Still, she’s prettier than the average chick (ie. me). I like to think of her as the champion of plain (but very talented) people. This was originally supposed to be lemon but I'm incapable of lemon so this became romance that probably shouldn't have smut.
EDIT: is this piece total fail? i'm sorry :(



A group of nine girls is a recipe for disaster, Hyoyeon thought. Who decided this was a good idea? There was always too much estrogen, potential for catfights, and someone PMSing.


                Rehearsal ended and the girls filed out of the room, full of complaints of sore muscles and empty bellies. Hyoyeon was silent as she grabbed her water bottle and towel, following Sunny and Yoona down the hallway. She was tired and hungry too, but why complain? It just turned everyone’s mood sour.


                If anyone had a right to complain, it was her. Hyoyeon had been singled out for some sort of dance choreography and had been practicing overtime all week, five hours every morning. SM wasn’t disclosing the purpose of these rehearsals or why she alone was involved. It wasn’t as if she needed extra dance practice, and if they needed to test out choreography they should have asked a trainee. Hyoyeon was the last person to ask because…well, because what she could do in dance practice couldn’t necessarily be reciprocated by the rest of the group.


                And obviously, they wouldn’t ask her to represent SM in a talent show or anything. They would pick someone with a prettier face.


                Hyoyeon sighed and ran her hand along the wall as she walked. She wanted to shower and go home.


                Suddenly the gossiping girls behind her began to squeal and simper. Hyoyeon figured it was a fellow SM artist. She loved watching the girls make fools of themselves when they ran into someone right after rehearsal—they were all sweaty and decidedly lacking in feminine charm. Hyoyeon personally didn’t care who they saw—she had a date with dinner and her bed.


                As she continued to walk she heard a few distinct male voices, and she involuntarily slowed. Her heart jumped as she recognized which group it must be…the husky voice of Junsu and syrupy sounds of Jaejoong gave them away.


                The DBSK oppa-deul.


                Hyoyeon had no excuse for turning around and joining them…oh how she wished she did. It was rare to see the man whom she’d adored since before her training days.


                It’s better to keep moving, she told herself. Just keep moving.


                And so she did.


                But the girls behind her gave another gasp, and suddenly someone had latched onto her wrist and was pulling her—she jerked her head to the side and her eyes clashed with Yunho’s, his gaze melting her. He pulled her right into another room, leaving a shocked Generation and somewhat amused Gods.


                “Yunho,” she gasped when the door shut behind them. They were in a sort of locker room with showers, sinks, and clean linens. “What are you--.”


                “Hey,” he grinned. She just stared at him. He looked just like she felt; exhausted and sweaty, and yet he was smiling. She couldn’t help but return it. “It’s been a long time,” he said. “You look tired.”


                “So do you,” she returned. Then she realized maybe she shouldn’t say things like that. It was disrespectful.


                “You’re right,” he said. “But I’m used to it. You’re still a newbie.”


                 She let her eyes run over him adoringly; he towered over her and yet he was always gentle and kind. Suddenly she wondered if he’d heard about her puppy love. Was he going to discourage her? Why had he brought her in here? Surely it would start rumors at the company.


                “I just thought you could use some relaxation. I heard about all your extra rehearsals.” He flipped his towel around his neck and came forward, taking a hold of her own and lifting it to wipe beads of errant sweat on her forehead and neck. She watched him with wide eyes, her hands shaking.


                “How did you heard about them? Not even all the girls know,” she said softly. Yunho’s dark eyes met hers and he tapped the tip of her nose with a smile.


                “Yunho knows you, didn’t you know?”


                She wasn’t sure what to think about that. Whatever it was, she liked it.


                Suddenly he turned his back and pulled his shirt over his head. Hyoyeon gave a huge gasp and then clapped her hands over her mouth, unable to rip her gaze from his strong back.


                Yunho turned back towards her and walked her backwards until her back hit the wall. His hands found her wrists, and he began to massage her arms, moving upwards to her forearms and then her biceps. His long fingers did perfect things, even when she tensed against his unexpected touch. She was letting out a groan of appreciation before she could stop herself, and Yunho pulled her to a cushioned bench.


                “Yunho…” She wasn’t sure what was going on, but Yunho wasn’t a man to act on a whim, that much she knew.


                “I have a confession to make,” he said calmly. He sat beside her with sparkling eyes. “It’s my fault you have all these sore muscles.” To prove his point he found the back of her knee and began to massage a calf, pulling it onto his lap. She couldn’t hide her grimace of discomfort.


                “What do you mean?” she asked, feeling his hands working out the tensions in her muscle.


                “I requested you for a…performance. Thus, the dance choreography,” he said. “And since it’s my fault you’re so sore…I figured it was only fair for me to make you…un-sore.” This last word he whispered in her ear, having leaned in close so his chest brushed her front.


                “What kind of…’performance’?” she gulped. His hands continued to work magic on her, moving to the back of her neck as she rolled her chin down into her chest.


                “The kind that will allow you to shine the way you should be shining,” he said softly.


                Hyoyeon’s eyes snapped open. She lifted her head to look Yunho in the eye.


                “I don’t understand why you’re doing all this.”


                He smiled.


                “I can’t mistake the way you look at me, Hyoyeon. You like me, don’t you?”


                She stared like a deer caught in headlights, stealing a glance at his plump lips.




                “I like you too.”


                A smile grew, very slowly, on her lips, and they watched each other for a few moments. Yunho lifted a reverent hand to her face and leaned in slowly…until their lips met with a cloudburst behind her eyelids.


                It was too dynamic to be sweet, too powerful to be controlled. A first kiss quickly turned into several.


                Suddenly she was laying back on the bench and he was sitting beside her, laughing.


                “You’re distracting me,” he said.


                “I am?” she said distractedly. “I thought it was the other way around.”


                “You listen, missy. I’m an expert in this field and I’m telling you the best way to relieve stress is to let Yunho make you feel great.”


                “I’ve never heard that before.”


                He grinned and tossed a towel at her.


                “Put that on, then we’ll talk.”



                Hyoyeon followed orders, dropping her sweaty clothes to the floor while Yunho had his back turned. She wrapped the towel around herself and laid face-down on the bench.


                Yunho approached and pulled the tie out of her hair, letting her hair fall down. He stood above her, straddling the bench, and sank his fingers into the tresses, still sweet-smelling from her morning shower.


                Hyoyeon closed her eyes.


                “Is this a dream?”


                “Nope. Real as real gets.” He massaged her scalp, making her head tickle with pleasure, before sweeping her hair aside and moving his hands to her shoulders.


                “Aish!” she exclaimed when he found knots in her back.


                “Yeah, scream it, girl,” he said mischievously. She giggled beneath him, but she was soon lolling in the feel of his hands working over her back. He pressed her into the bench, his fingers working out the kinks and his palms smoothing over them. Hyoyeon let out a few moans, unable to help herself.


                As Yunho reached her lower back her mind was working faster, wondering just how long Yunho had liked her. Her inner voice told her to forget it and enjoy the moment for what it was.


                But she couldn’t help wondering what the other girls were thinking.


                Huddled on the other side of the door, most of the girls were wide-eyed as they listened to murmurs and moans.


                “Hyoyeon was NOT supposed to be the first one to lose her virginity,” one of them said.


                “She isn’t; did you forget about me?”


                “Tiffany, bribing some dude to finger you in high school doesn’t count.”


                Tiffany scowled.


                “Oh, Yunho,” Hyoyeon sighed from inside. The girls’ jaws dropped.


                “This can’t really be happening. Hyo doesn’t have admirers. How could she nab Jung Yunho?”




                The girls gasped and spun around to face the rest of DBSK, whom they thought had departed already.


                “Somebody likes Hyoyeon. Why do you have a problem with that?” Jaejoong asked, his voice showing his slight irritation.


                “It’s not that; we just didn’t expect…” Tiffany began weakly.


                “Things don’t always happen the way you expect them to,” he said firmly. “Maybe if you were a little less vindictive somebody would nab you too.”


                The guys walked away and Tiffany became the subject of seven nasty stares.


                “You heard what he said, right?” she said in a small voice. “Less vindictive…”


                The girls left too, even though they were dying to question Hyoyeon or even catch her with Yunho being naughty.



                Yunho and Hyoyeon were blissfully unaware of the goings-on in the hallway, and a full body massage had Hyoyeon tingling in many ways.


                “I like that you work hard and keep your head up,” Yunho said, sweetly running a finger down Hyo’s blushing cheek. “Don’t let those girls bring you down.”


                “Heyyy don’t bring me down,” she sing-songed. He smiled.


                “That’s exactly right. And from now on I want you to naege man malhaebwa.”


                Her expression became deathly serious.


                “Are you…serious?”


                “Of course I’m serious.” Their brown eyes melded into one another’s. “Aren’t you serious?”


                “Yes…” she said hesitantly. He cocked an eyebrow. “Yes!” she cried. He pulled them up off the bench.


                “Naege man malhaebwa,” he repeated.


                “Yeah, I’m a genie for your wish,” she laughed.


                “Good. Then let those girls know you’re wanted and desired and loved and don’t ever give up. I’ll call you later.” He tapped her nose. “I have to tell you about the performance. If you want to do it?”


                “Are we dancing together?” she asked softly, hoping.


                “Yes.” He kissed her. “Finally. We’re dancing together.”


                Yunho left in order to catch up with the rest of the boys, about to be late for another appointment. Hyoyeon put her practice clothes back on and headed home.




**                   **                                                           **                           **





                Several months passed and Hyoyeon discovered why artists never try to have relationships. She spoke to Yunho once a week if lucky. She had seen him exactly three times since that day; once in front of their managers, once they managed to sneak dinner together, and the third time she passed him leaving the SM building for a photo shoot just as she arrived for a rehearsal.


                Hyoyeon was realistic by nature, not given to fantasies like Sunny or… like most other women, for that matter. She understood absolutely how an artist’s schedule was out of his control, but…was Yunho really interested in being with her? She wouldn’t blame him if he wasn’t, she wouldn’t be hurt. She just wanted to know before she got in too deep.



                The girls arrived home one evening after a Music Bank appearance. They all kicked off their heels with sighs of relief and went separate ways, some girls to the bedrooms, some to the kitchen, others to the couch and television. Jessica sidled up to the kitchen table and sifted through the day’s mail.


                “Looking for something in particular?” Yuri asked.


                “Yeah. Something interesting.” Jessica’s eyes lit up. “Bingo.”



                Fifteen minutes later, Hyoyeon returned to the kitchen in comfy sweatpants. She ignored the giggles and whispers in the living room as she grabbed some food and warmed it up. Snippets of conversation drifted to her ears.


                “Is he serious?”


                “I thought he was just joking about dating her; do you think he’ll really come?”


                “She’d be crazy not to try…”


                Hyoyeon narrowed her eyes, her chopsticks frozen in mid-air. Slowly she turned the corner and saw the girls crowded around the coffee table. Jessica was holding a piece of paper.


                “What are you guys reading?” she asked slowly.


                A collective gasp went up and the girls scattered. Hyoyeon set her plate down.


                “Um…something came in the mail for you,” Jessica said, thrusting the paper in her hands and disappearing.


                “Jessica, I will kill you!” Hyoyeon screamed.


                Yunho wanted to meet for dinner. There was a huge rehearsal going on at the SM building two days hence and he wanted to see her afterwards.


                It was totally cute that he sent snail mail. Was it an indication of true feelings?


                A few giggles came from the kitchen.


                It was going to be impossible to keep this on the DL.





                Hyoyeon wore a summery dress to meet Yunho at SM. She waited in the hallway as the large rehearsal room emptied. The backup dancers were followed by the oppas. Changmin sent a smile her way, Junsu said hi, and Yoochun asked how she was doing.


                Finally Yunho appeared, his eyes searching the other side of the hall before turning and spotting her. His eyes lit up. She saw it.


                “Yunho!” she squealed in delight. She ran to him and jumped into his arms.


                “It’s so good to see you!!” he said, his words muffled into her shoulder. They talked breathlessly for a few minutes until Hyoyeon noticed how pale he looked.


                “Let’s get you some dinner!” she said, tugging on his hand. He smiled.


                “Actually, it should be ready now.”




                He began to lead her in the opposite direction.


                “Well, in light of the fact that there’s almost nowhere we can go in Seoul to be alone, including either of our apartments, I thought we’d just pretend our conference room is a fancy restaurant.”


                He opened a door and allowed her to go in.


                “Oh Yunho…”


                The conference room had been transformed. The long tables that usually took up the center of the room had been replaced with a single table set for two, lit by candlelight and a single light from directly above.


                “This is so sweet,” she said happily. She turned to Yunho, who was watching her with a smile.


                “I’m sorry I didn’t get cleaned up before you came.”


                “Its fine,” she laughed, pulling his arm. “Come on, let’s eat.”



                The table had already been laid with food for a whole band and no matter how much she pestered, Yunho wouldn’t share the secret of how he accomplished all of it. The night passed perfectly, even better than a dream. They talked and laughed and fed each other and Hyoyeon felt herself growing more attached by the second to his kind eyes, his beautiful smile, his positive attitude.


                “Hyo, you remember that dance I wanted to do?” he finally asked, leaning over the table.


                Hyoyeon blinked. She’d completely forgotten. The rehearsals had only lasted ten days and then Yunho had gone off to Japan so everything was postponed indefinitely.


                “I remember,” she said.


                “It’s looking good to go at the awards show next week, if you can.”


                “For real?” What show was next week? … OH. That show. “We’re performing at that show??”


                “Yeah, why not?” he grinned.


                Hyoyeon shrugged, but the idea was growing on her.




                A few days passed and the other girls found out about the performance. No one actually said anything to her at first, but she knew they knew. The dirty pout on Jessica’s face said it all.


                Since the girls were on a small hiatus from public life, Hyoyeon was pampered and primped for the performance, and for once she felt like she could hold the spotlight without eight girls crowding around. She rehearsed again with the choreographer and remembered the familiar movements, smooth and easy.


                The song was a blend of genres- hip-hop, pop, R&B. Her outfit reflected this; a dress with a flowing top and center pleats, a wide belt that cinched the waist, and a short, fitted skirt in a midnight blue and soft silver.


                After the final fitting Hyoyeon stood in front of the mirror and nervously smoothed the material. She looked mature, sophisticated, all heavy makeup and a womanly image. She was leaving the girl behind and it made her feel strange, like she was opening a door and entering a new world.


                “You look gorgeous,” a voice said. Hyoyeon shrieked. She saw Yunho in the doorway and clapped a hand over her heart.


                “Sorry, I thought I was alone,” she laughed.


                “Not anymore,” he smiled. He came forward and turned her back to the mirror, standing behind her. He towered over her but she liked to think, liked to imagine they looked good together. His fingers slid down her arms to entangle their fingers. He rested his cheek on the side of her head and she felt a giggle bubble up. Just meeting his eyes made her happy.


                “Can we pull this off?” she asked.


                “You’re nervous.”




                He turned her again and she tipped her face back.


                “Dance like it’s just the two of us,” he told her. “Like we’re alone and dancing just for the joy of it. There’s no way anyone could mistake how perfect we are together.”


                “Is this your idea of telling the public about us?” she joked.


                He kissed her.




 Part 2

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