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Dance with Me

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The night arrived and Hyoyeon waited backstage, watching and listening to the live feed of the stage. The audience was huge, several thousand celebrities and entertainers. Awards were handed out, speeches were given, and Hyoyeon waited.

Yunho finally stepped into the green room and smiled at her.


They walked to side stage and listened for their cue. Hyoyeon’s heart beat quickly, and she couldn’t figure out if it was because she was without the girls or because she was with Yunho.

He squeezed her hand and she felt that happiness growing inside her, making her forget everything else.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Yunho watched Hyoyeon as he led her onto the stage. She swept a path around him, smiling charmingly for the audience even while her eyes were on his. They struck a pose until the music began.

The dance was a series of sequences; each had a different style and stylized moves. Yunho had done much of the choreography himself but, keeping in mind his weaknesses, he had incorporated a lot of Hyoyeon’s own signature strengths. It was the best of both of them.

Hyoyeon followed his lead and kept her eyes riveted on him, exuding a feminine confidence towards him that he imagined the audience couldn’t help but admire. The first few sequences were strictly hands-off, but the two of them kept a perfect rhythm between them, mirroring each other in passion and execution.

Yunho flashed a few of his ridiculous stage faces and the audience looked greatly entertained. Hyoyeon grinned as she spun around him.

The last few sequences were designed as a climax, obviously, and suddenly Yunho was following his own advice perfectly and couldn’t keep his eyes off of Hyoyeon. She was glowing beneath the stage lights, her eyes arresting and her lips entrancing. When her body spun into his arms he actually closed his eyes as she ran her hand down his cheek, drawing him after her. She sparkled as her hips gyrated. As planned, he flipped himself into his signature break dance hold and immediately after straightening he swept Hyoyeon’s legs out from under her and caught her dramatically just before she hit the floor.

The last beat had the audience rising in raucous applause and Yunho held her, eyeing the expanse of throat left vulnerable when she threw her head back. He kissed it.

The night had gone beautifully, and Yunho and Hyoyeon accepted glowing praise from everyone they encountered. Hyoyeon was both relieved and impressed with how well things had gone.

Yunho drove them back to the SM building and they chatted on the way to the wardrobe rooms. Yunho stopped in front of the wrong door, however; the room where he had taken her months before.

“Yun,” she said. “What are we--.”

“Hyo.” He abruptly pressed his mouth to hers. His strong arms wrapped around her waist.

She sighed quietly when their mouths parted. He tongued her ear.

“I think I’m gonna take a shower,” he said.

She raised her eyes to his slowly, and he waited, judging her reaction. She didn’t say anything, however; she grabbed his hand and pushed the door open.

Thoughts tripped over themselves in her head as Yunho’s hands found the fastenings of her dress. The other girls would die if they knew Hyoyeon became a woman before the rest of them. Their lips collided wildly. Would Yunho still be interested after she gave herself to him? Yunho kicked off his shoes and Hyoyeon unbuckled her own. And she was going to give herself to him—she had already made that decision. Was this the initiation for being a solo artist?

Her dress slipped to the floor.

Her back hit the tile in the shower and Yunho’s arms were raised so she could pull his shirt off. His forearms came to rest on either side of her head while he pressed the length of his tall body against her.

She felt that tell tale happiness mixing with a heady combination of attraction and adrenaline. She and Yunho gave each other a hand with undergarments but she kept her eyes averted from anything below his bellybutton, and her hands off as well.

Yunho made no mention of her shyness, as her willingness was still apparent in her persistent mouth. She felt all the pride from their duet stage rushing back and he smiled down at her. His eyes were impossibly black as they did a different dance.

When he lifted her against him and entered her slowly she squeezed her eyes shut, her arms tight around his shoulders. He gave her time to adjust and she ignored the pain, instead concentrating on Yunho’s slim, strong body.

Finally she opened her eyes to meet his gaze. The only sound was their breathing as she leaned forward and touched his lips with hers, giving him permission to move.

Yunho had one arm wrapped around her hips and the other supporting her back, caressing her skin. Hyoyeon ran her fingers through his hair when his mouth moved over her ear, her face, her throat. She felt that happiness Yunho always caused in her morphing into something else, something she couldn’t name.

She began to cry out with his movements, unabashedly sounding out her bliss. She was slipping against him, and Yunho helped her out by pulling one of her knees to her waist and pressing her into the wall.

Just a few moments more and she made an indescribable sound, grabbing onto Yunho and holding onto the feeling while he finished.

After a few moments of silence Yunho flipped on the shower spray, letting Hyoyeon put her feet back to the ground. She held onto him to avoid falling to the floor in a shuddering heap.

“Why are you so good at that?” she breathed.

“I was made for this,” he said offhandedly.

“I think you’ve had a lot of practice,” she glowers.

“Well that’s a given. Why do you think my voice is so deep?” he grinned.

Her jaw dropped.

“I meant dance and vocal practice!” he says, throwing up his hands in a show of innocence. “Get your mind out of the gutter.”

“What happens now?” she asked quietly. Yunho found some shampoo and lathered it into her hair, then rinsed his hands and wiped mascara trails from beneath her eyes.

“We do what we do best,” he said. He put his arms around her, one hand on top of her head to hold her still when he kissed her forehead. “We dance.”

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