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pink flower

morninglory17 in hanmichigo

Love Isn't A Sound

Author: morninglory17
Title: Love Isn't A Sound
Length: 280 words
A/N: This could be original, but either way I see the 'narrator' as a man, and if any man, Changmin.

I watch my daughter as she pulls my headphones off and puts them on over her ears. She giggles at me with wide dark eyes, thinking she’s causing mischief by imitating me. In truth, she doesn’t understand why I listen to music. She doesn’t know what music is.

Her little face turns up to mine and she gets no reaction from me. She’s already losing interest.

I lay my palms over the earpieces while the song plays, trying to feel the beats the way she does. It’s faint and I’m not used to it.

I remember when she was a baby she’d curl up against my chest and I’d talk to her, amusing and amazing her with the vocal vibrations she felt.

Now she’s four years old, and other things attract her attention. She will never understand sound. She will never hear my voice. She will never hear her own.

It’s been the most difficult four years of my life. I can’t share with her the one thing in the world that I know.


The love of my life.

I don’t blame anyone. I don’t curse deities and rail against the cruelness of the world. Sometimes I just wish that she could hear for one single day. She would hear all the little things I notice now that I don’t take hearing for granted. The patter of rain on glass, birds chirping, planes passing overhead, the hum of appliances, the creak of the stairs. I not only hear now, I listen.

I’m learning new things, just like she is.

She’s the love of my life now, and she doesn’t need to hear me say it to know it’s true.


Aw..this is sad and touching at the same time.
thank you~~ ♥
this is so heartwrenching but haertwarming at the same time...the sacrifice changmin made for his daugther is trule touching...

thanks for commenting, chloe ^^
Beautiful, yet sad. I suppose all parents whose children are not entirely healthy have difficult choices to make, whishes they would like to come true.
I suspect you're right. Thanks so much for reading~
TT+TT" omonah this is so sad. deafness always has been. *suggests surgeries to make this happier* TT_________TT" *sobbing a river*
its just part of life... but we all take our hearing for granted.

don't cry. ♥
This really moved me