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morninglory17 in hanmichigo

This Life of Mine

Okay ladies. I've been getting quite a few requests to continue/complete This Life of Mine recently, and I just wanted to let you know I will be doing that as soon as possible. I would have to agree that its one of the pieces I really enjoyed writing...I only hope that after taking such a long break I can finish it. So I just wanted to give you a heads  up. Hopefully it will be up soon. Thanks for your encouragement :)


yayy! yes PLEASE! besides being one of the best pieces of fiction i've read period, i feel like i can read it over and over!
i'll wait for that update ;)
stilll waiting :-[
oh my gosh, i know! :(((((( i'm so sorry... i shouldn't have made any promises. i will work harder!!!
I'm sure there are lots of us waiting for more writing from you! ^^

Btw, is it just me or have pieces like 'Compulsive' and 'A Little Bit of Fascination' etc. been removed? T__T
Yes, some pieces have been removed. I didn't feel good about the subject matter, I suppose. Hope you will not hold it against me. :) Thanks for your support though- I didn't think I would be missed, haha.
I know it's been two years but everytime I go to dbskhet I'm hopping to see how this fic ends!! It's the best that's why people keeps. Hopefully one day you'll get back to it ;)